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What To Know Before You Go: TRINIDAD

What To Know Before You Go: TRINIDAD

It has been 7 months since I traveled to Trinidad and Tobago, and I still receive so many questions to this day about this amazing trip. Personally, it has been one of my favorite trips to date. Below are my top five tips to remember when planning a trip to Trinidad:

1. V I B E S

When taking a vacation I always plan around what type of vibe I wish to create. Do you want a "Girl's Trip"  experience or is this just a much needed getaway where relaxation is the main priority? For me, Trinidad and Tobago (T & T) was the latter. I wanted nothing more than to wake up late, drink all day, eat good, and relax. So, we decided to arrive in Trinidad literally the weekend after Carnival. After the entire country had partied hard the week before we were greeted by empty clubs, quiet streets, and there was just a hush over the city. Perfect! Now, if we wanted a "Hangover" experience we would of definitely booked our flight a week earlier, but we decided to save that for another time and place. From my experience, flight prices tend to drop after huge events like Carnival occur. When traveling anywhere and you have a little flexibility, try planning your trip after a big event for cheaper flight prices.

2. T O U R I S T

Trinidad is not big on tourism....yet. This means no one will be heckling you to buy a bunch of crap at the beach, no overpopulated hotels, and no off the wall prices for excursions and activities. Everything is negotiable. Most tourist who do come to Trinidad will end up staying in the city and driving to the coast to go to the beach, as there are not any beach resorts or nearby hotels. Drives to the coast from the Port of Spain (the city we stayed in) are roughly an hour, but one of the most breathtaking drives you will ever experience.

3. T O B A G O

You simply cannot travel all the way to Trinidad and not head over to Tobago. Tobago is a nearby island and you can get there by plane or by ferry. We elected to experience both. The airline you would fly is Caribbean Air and the plane ticket is $50 for this 20-minute flight.  The ferry is less than half the price of airfare, but the ride is roughly two hours long. We flew to Tobago on the first flight out (5am) and returned to Trinidad on the ferry. I suggest you book your flight to Tobago ASAP as these flights sell out quickly. It is probably best to book your flight the same day you arrive in Trinidad from the states while you are already at the airport.  The front desk of most hotels are also able to help you book your flight, so this an option too.

4. F A V O R I T E S

  • Place to Eat: Richard's Bake and Shark. I lie to you not when I say this is a MUST! You'll see Bake and Shark as a delicacy throughout the island but nothing and no one compares to Richard's. Richard's is located an hour away from the Port of Spain at Maracas Bay. I took the hour-long mountainous drive twice to Richard's for this meal, and would do it again in a heartbeat.

  • Favorite Beach: Pigeon Point, Tobago

  • Must Go To Spot: The Nylon Pool. I seriously don't know where else you could go and stand literally in the middle of the ocean as if you were still on shore. Although this part of the ocean is shallow, the rest of the ocean surrounding the Nylon Pool is not. Therefore, the only way to get to this sandbar is by boat. You will have no problem finding a company to take you there, there is more than plenty.

  • Must Try Local Cusinie: Doubles, Bake and Shark, and Roti

  • Nightlife: Ariapita Avenue has plenty of bars and club for those interested in a good night out.

Feel free to comment below. Let me know about your Trinidad experience or other countries you'd like me to share a"What to Know Before You Go" post.



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