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My Travel Itinerary and Tips: Bali

My Travel Itinerary and Tips: Bali

What an amazing country Bali was. Bali was the least expensive country to visit during our stay in SEA, and being that it was the last country during our visit, we really appreciated a country in which everything fell below our budget. I cannot continue any further without giving a huge shout out to our tour guide who gave us one of the greatest experiences during our stay in Bali. His name is Wayne, and he can be found on Instagram by the name @wambalitours. He was our guardian angel in Bali and for a nominal fee per day he took us all around Bali whether our destination was 3 hours away or 30 minutes down the street. Whether you have an itinerary planned or not, he's your guy. We knew of things we wanted to do in Bali, but there was so much more that we were exposed to letting a native of the country guide our steps. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to anyone wanting to explore Bali the right way. I must thank @deirdresdares for connecting us with Wayne. Deidre herself is also a great source of information for those wanting to explore Bali through the eyes of a local. Her travels out of the country due to it being wet season made us miss her by only a few days. Speaking of wet season, Bali's wet season falls between October and April. Our travels to Bali took place in February and we literally only encountered rain one of the four days we were there. The weather was literally perfect for us. I mention this because you should not let traveling during wet season deter you from taking the trip. It is a risk traveling during wet season, but it was one we were willing to take. Now lets get into the details:


We stayed in an amazing villa  in Seminyak, about 25 minutes from the Denspar Airport. I must warn you the villas make Instagram-worthy pictures and are stunning, but a lot of the villas are open-structured and encompass the natural beauty of the land. This being said there's a lot of wildlife around and amongst the villas. It is normal to see lizards hanging outside your doors, hear frogs and other animals bellowing throughout the night, and have cattle walking down your street. One lizard even made it into my bathroom. I love adventure and wildlife, but not in the proximities that I lay my head, so needless to say I slept on the couch the night I discovered a lizard in my bathroom. The shower area was also totally open, and as serene as it was to take a shower outdoors and just be completely free, you should also be ready to welcome lizards, spiders and mosquitoes who may also want to join the party. Our villa was similar to 5-star camping in my eyes, and as beautiful as it was, I would not do it again due to the fact that I don't care to be that close with nature as I slumber and lounge around. Now, if none of these things bother you this villa would be an amazing option. The house manager and staff were SUPERB! Whatever we needed they provided, whether it was in-home massages, a chef, or setting up activities out and about. The villa was cleaned daily, and we felt so reassured knowing they were just a call away if we needed anything. They left a local prepaid cell phone to also get in touch with them at anytime.

D A Y  1

After over a week of being in 85 degree weather it was time to make our way to a beach some way, some how. All we had to do was say the word and Wayne took us to one of Bali's most beautiful beaches, Padang Padang beach. The beach is so obscure you would miss it if you didn't know to walk down the steps of a cave that ultimately leads you to white sands and blue waters. Getting in the water itself proved to be a little rocky...literally! There were so many rocks at the bottom of the ocean. I definitely recommend water shoes even to those planning to stay near the shore. The trees around the beach are home to hundreds of monkeys who surprisingly stay to themselves as long as you stay to yourself. They never travelled onto the beach itself. As much as we enjoyed our beach day, it wore us out and we attempted to stop by and enjoy a nearby temple on our way home, but we couldn't fully enjoy it because we were simply exhausted. The rest of the night was spent lying by the pool and enjoying a Balinese dinner fixed by our in-home chef.

D A Y  2

The Bali swing is easily one of the most sought after adventures when in Bali. It is such a liberating experience to swing hundreds of feet in the air with the world at your feet. The cost was no more than $20. There are options to do lunch along with the swinging experience, but we opted to hold off on the extras. The guides who actually worked at the Bali Swing were amazing in capturing photos with our own camera, as they knew the best angles to capture the view. After swinging our lives away we were off to a tea tasting (still on the premises). I must admit it was some of the best tea I had in my life, and I ended up bringing 6-8 large bags of tea home with me as souvenirs for friends and family who loved it just as much. . Next, we ventured off to the infamous rice fields. This is a huge tourist attraction in Ubud, and it is definitely interesting to see how rice grows. Ubud is a peaceful nature haven compared to the city life of Seminyak. After our day in Ubud we traveled about 1.5 hrs back to Seminyak to relax before dinner and we explored the streets of Seminyak on our own.

D A Y  3

Today was all about adventure.  We decided to go on an ATV ride. It was a beautiful ride through the Bali countryside followed by a wild adventure along a mud trail in one of Bali's rainforest. ATV companies are all throughout Bali, and if you happen to hook up with our tour guide Wayne he will know exactly where to take you. The ATV ride ranges from $75-$100. After a long day out and about, we headed back to the villa to just relax. We had two masseuse come in that evening that literally gave us the best body scrub and massages of our lives for no more than $20.

D A Y  4

It was our last day in Bali, and to be honest we were starting to get a little homesick after being in Asia for almost 2 weeks, but we still mustered the strength to travel 2.5hrs to visit one of Bali's refreshing hot springs, the Toya Devasya Hot Springs. Besides indulging in the calming and refreshing waters of the hot spring, the view alone is one of the most breathtaking views that I have seen in my life. It was pretty far away from where we were staying in Seminyak, so I would suggest making this a day trip as there's plenty to do out that way. You could hike Mount Batur, have a nice lunch overlooking Lake Batur, and then enjoy a relaxing dip in the Toya Devasya waters. The hot spring is also on the grounds of a resort. Therefore, if you're interested in just staying around the area to enjoy the the serenity of being around such beautiful views you definitely could. If you can, I would definitely recommend making it out to Banjar Hot Springs or the Tirta Gangga Hot Springs and Water Palace. This was on our to-do list, but we just didn't get a chance to make it out that way. The waters of these particular hot springs are said to be sacred and have healing powers that cleanse and purifiy your body, mind and soul.

The next day we left Bali and headed back to Thailand where we caught our flight back to the states. 

Comment below letting me know some of your favorite things to do in Bali, if  you've ever been. If not ask me questions below on my experience, I'd be glad to offer even more insight!

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