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My Travel Itinerary and Tips: Cambodia & Malaysia

My Travel Itinerary and Tips: Cambodia & Malaysia


Before I get into my extreme love for Malaysia, I cannot forget to mention our time spent in Cambodia. We did not spend much time here and I may be biased because of this, but Cambodia did not capture my heart like each of the other countries did.  Although there was a huge language barrier in Cambodia, everything in the country was written in both English and Khmer. The USD is widely accepted and is actually preferred over the Cambodian Riehl. I would actually suggest not exchanging money in Cambodia because you will find that as you travel to other countries no one will exchange the Cambodian Riehl for their own currency. Cambodia also seemed to have a pretty large economic gap, as a vast majority of the citizens drove mopeds/scooters while a select few rode in luxury vehicles such as, Range Rovers, Lexus', and Mercedes'. It made the economic gap very visible.

We began and ended our journey in Cambodia's capital Phnom Penh. Many people skip out on the capital of Cambodia and head over to Siem Reap to visit the Angkor Wat, the largest religious monument in the world. However, we opted to head on over to Phnom Penh, and there we had one of the most profound experiences during our time in SEA. We visited the Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum. This museum was a former high school turned into one of 150 execution centers created by the Khemer Rouge from 1975-1979. It was an inhumane site of torture and killing. This may not be someone's ideal vacation spot, but traveling with a friend who had personal ties to this genocide means we couldn't come this far and not stop by. I never knew of the Cambodian Genocide until this moment, and it was an experience I will never forget. Being the descendant of a race of people who suffered similar scrutiny, this museum definitely hit home for me. 


The first thing I want to say about Malaysia is that it is a gem. Malaysia exceeded every single one of my expectations and honestly I cannot wait to return. What I did not know before traveling to Malaysia is that it is a Muslim country, so they are very conservative in their dress and that is worth taking note of when packing for this trip. However, the people of Malaysia are just as sweet and beautiful as their country. We visited Kuala Lumpur which is the capital of Malaysia, and I could go on for days raving about this city, but lets get into the details below.


We stayed at The Faces Suites right in the heart of Kuala Lumpur. This hotel lies right in the center of Kuala Lumpur and offers a breathtaking view of the city. We opted for a two-bedroom suite during our stay. The suites also come equipped with a washer/dryer, so this was perfect as we were able to wash all of our clothes from the first half our trip. These suites were very affordable for all they had to offer. Now my favorite part of staying at The Faces Suites was the grand infinity rooftop pool that put you eye-level with the world's tallest twin towers, The Petronas Towers. Laying poolside with a view like this was one of the most awesome experiences. I would do it all again in a heartbeat. The Faces Suites also offered a delicious buffet-style breakfast filled with local and international cuisines for only 10 USD. You really can't beat that. The hotel was so beautiful and the pool so relaxing we spent an entire day just enjoying the hotel. I would recommend this hotel to anyone in a heartbeat. 

D A Y 1

The biggest regret I have about Malaysia is that we did not spend more time there. We missed out on the Batu Caves, which I had been hearing was overrated, and also Chinatown. I really wanted to experience Chinatown, so that is definitely on my to do list my next time in the area. However, we were able to experience the amazing Petronas Towers. These two towers are the laregest twin towers in the world standing 88-stories high and they are simply breathtaking. Never had I thought two buildings could take my breath away, but these two did. For less than $25 you'll take a brief tour of the buildings if you choose, but the real beauty lies outside as everyone attempts to capture the most picturesque moment with themselves and the towers. There will be plenty of locals selling "fish eye" lens as they try to convince you that this is the only way to capture both yourself and the towers in a picture. However, I am a witness that it can be done without this lens with the perfect positioning and a good friend to capture the moment. Be sure to buy your tickets for the Petronas Towers prior to your trip as they sell out fast and will more than likely be  sold out the day of.

At night we went to Jalan Alor Food Street to capture the essence of Malaysian delicacies. If you want to immerse in the culture of Malaysia this is the place to go! The food was so delicious and unqiue to the country, which is what I enjoyed the most. Along with a good meal you are guaranteed to be entertained with street performers and the beauty of all the food available within arms reach. Don't miss out on this gem during your trip to Malaysia.

D A Y 2

Best pool day ever!

Comment below letting me know some of your favorite things to do in either Cambodia or Malaysia if you've ever been, and if not ask me questions below on my experience, I'd be glad to offer even more insight!

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